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Brandon Mount Residential Care Home


Our care home based in Salisbury has 35 single spacious bedrooms which offer personalised styling and private en-suites. With an emphasis on personal choice, we have a bright and cheerful dining room, lounges and sitting areas to ensure that your preferences are met.


With a clear vision of creating a service which owners would feel confident to use themselves, Our home has continually worked to exceed the standards of other homes. This beautiful home is big enough to offer you choice and small enough to make it feel homely.

To phone us call - 0845 548 8733

  • Brandon Mount
  • 10/12 Manor Road,
  • Salisbury
  • Wiltshire
  • England  SP1 1JS  UK
  • Tel: 0845 548 8733    Mobile: n/a

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Care Homes in Wiltshire

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